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Dressed in Motherhood

I’m not sure if you know this, but Fashion & Style have always been at the forefront of my Career goals.  I taught myself how to draw using old fashion magazines as a little girl and getting my hands dirty creating.  I loved finding “treasures” in the garage.. deconstructing and reconstructing made me feel like a Magician (until my Mother found out I took a part a Good vintage chandelier to make a pair of earrings)😩 🤦🏾‍♀️  I recovered from her brief verbal thrashing but my eagerness to create wearable Art grew. 

I began honing my jewelry making craft Senior year at Morgan State University, just before graduating and entering the”real world”.  It was a simple Malachite bracelet designed by Russell Simmons that began my love affair with beads.  I stocked up on materials at Michael’s and made my first few pieces to wear.  After getting more compliments from friends, I started feeling more confident sharing my work with the world and then I got Bold. 😬

Seeing a little profit in my “small business” made me feel Big proud- ballsy even. I left a full time job to pursue my newfound passion. And although that was Hella risky, ignoring my Dream felt like a slow death.  

So I jumped... 2 days before saying I do to my best-friend no less. 🥴I hit the ground running- formed relationships with so many other business owners and kept rocking and rolling. 

I was scared- I was clueless... but I kept going.  Enters the Sugarbear (our daughter).  All the things went out the window.  I began to question so much more.  And although at first Motherhood put me on my A**, I’m grateful for the clarity I’ve found here and in other spaces that keeps me on my toes 😩. 

So when you see the Healing Hardwear ™️, just know it’s the product of an active Healing process.. it’s the culmination of all of the lessons I’ve learned and a call to action to fortify ourselves in Love. 


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  • Rita Wade-Hill

    Each one of your pieces are like children… no two pieces are alike. Your bracelets are uniquely made!!!!

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