Take Care of You

Take Care of You

Something pretty soul shaking landed in my thoughts the other day.  That happens more frequently now that I’ve been practicing quieting my mind.. cuz that thang be thangin', playing tricks and what not😩 

And because self-care may Not feel so warm and fuzzy when you’re working in the shadows… maintaining a positive perspective is an absolute hack. 

Like this one: 

You are a Baby on this journey.. handle yourself with care and consideration.

The concept fluttered into my consciousness like a pretty little butterfly.. Light. Simple. 

I fought the urge to overcomplicate what was so clear.. that I.. little ol me…Am still a Baby in these moments of self-discovery... 

Unlearning, re-writing and changing the life design for my bloodline.  And as we embrace the idea of our naivety in navigating this unchartered territory, we create space for others to breathe and be.. and that’s just beautiful.

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