Wednesday’s are for Wardrobe

Wednesday’s are for Wardrobe

How often do you think about what you’re wearing?  I mean... we adorn our bodies with garments and maybe a few accessories (Healing Hardwear™️ I hope) each day, for as long as we can remember.  Do you feel like a million bucks? Are you confident with what’s in your closet? 

To be honest, that’s the reason why I started exploring this Style space.  Allowing myself the time to discover my own Style story has fueled my confidence.  Even as a little girl, I recognized Fashion as a language. Although it had a rigid energy to it, I was determined to translate it for my good; now, it’s evolved into something way bigger than me.

So here I am...years later, creating my own Fashion culture, building an International Brand while teaching the youth about using Style as an empowerment tool. ☺️

And just like I tell them, it’s Never about the designer labels or the lack thereof- it’s Always about you and how You feel in what you wear- vibes don’t Lie!

So take some time and give some intentional thought to how you want to show up in Style...for yourself, first, then the world.  

And of course if you need a friend in Fashion, schedule a free check-in call with me.  

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