What’s going on? 😫

What’s going on? 😫

Life can feel So heavy in moments...whether it’s the shenanigans in the news, work, or those damn kids, we deserve Ease.   I swear if I knew what adulting was Really like, I would’ve cherished nap time in school and those goofy moments with my parents more.


Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the troubles of generations before us still exist..and in some instances are worse.  I find peace in knowing that their are dope people all over the world doing their part to build communities, and change the narrative.


So wherever you are, I hope you’re taking care of you so you can continue to be a beacon of light for the world.  Do something that brings you joy- even if it’s as small as a cup of Tea 😌


Love you. Mean it.

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  • Velma

    AMEN 🙌🏽🌿

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