I Belong Everywhere.

I Belong Everywhere.

This isn’t a bash the USA post- I think we can all see the tragedy that exists here.  
This is a quick continental comparison/mini recap of my most recent adventure.  

Dubai was amazing- hot as hell, but still everything my Baltimore Black girl spirit needed.  We landed in the UAE fully armored with Kaftans and modest garments- not so much to fit in, but to be respectful of the land and of whatever this UAE experience was giving.   

And it gave me and the gworls something we could feel for sure…hella love, lots of inspiration and new possibilities.  

It’s funny how unfamiliar spaces can make important things seem so minuscule. We ate, danced, drank, atv’d, twerked, sweat, swam, explored and allowed ourselves the space to be nurtured and not worry about all the things on the to do list.. a foreign luxury that usually only comes with a passport stamp. 

There were are also some myths about Black Americans that the homies and I had to debunk.  

James, from the UK, loves hip hop and until our dance circle had never been in the presence of Black American Queens.  He and his Jordan 1’s were fully gassed up being fanned down by a circle of melanated Goddesses . His no rhythm having, pale body wiggled to the beat of French Montana, so carefree- unbothered af.  

Anish heard we were loud (from who tf knows) 😒 but by the end of our interaction, was absolutely captivated by our “around the way charm.”  🥰  He pretty much proposed to my friend over drinks. 🤷🏽‍♀️ That’s just how it goes when you meet a couple of unicorns. 

One of my biggest takeaways from this futuristic looking city is the importance of exploring, of moving outside of your comfort zone and Knowing that you can. Period.  

We walked the clean streets of the city late at night with no threat of danger.  We felt protected, not like unworthy, overly sexualized and policed property.  I Finally started to digest this new sensation After some recalibrating. 

Nothing worth experiencing happens when you play it safe and stick with what you know.  I’m pretty certain America isn’t the “land of the free.”  Real talk, I wanted to spill the tea to our Uber driver, Mohammed, but I don’t believe in killing dreams.  

The polarizing vibes in the US are so profound..literally smacked us in the face or better yet busted out the window of our rental when we returned stateside.  Ghetto shxt.

Everyone feels so on edge here.. stressed, traumatized and triggered, far too often.

The world-at-large looks far more enticing at this point and quite frankly, I belong Everywhere anyway. 


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  • Aneitra McMillian

    THIS INSPIRED ME SO MUCH! WOW! Thank you! Definitely have to step out of the comfort zone and LIVE! Keep sharing🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
    Transition is happening in my life in a major way and I am trying to embrace this new uncomfortable space with grace. This gives me so much hope! My tribe will hold me up✨

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