Log Tf off and Tune tf in.

Log Tf off and Tune tf in.

The concept of the Meta Verse is still a mindfuck for me.  This digital revolution is nothing like I imagined after watching Back to the Future.  Can you picture Marty McFly on his hoverboard, trying to catch some angles to share to his IG stories. 🤔

For me.. the internet isn’t a Real place, but it is a real place.. of folks sharing their lives, showing off their wins, promoting their businesses and voicing their thoughts and perspectives.  

But what happens when online is the only way we feel comfortable experiencing life, joy.. other humans? (Let’s Not act like COVID didn’t contribute to our fear of peopling).  

Most of us are chained to our devices in one way or another- cell phone, tablet.. or even just a constant checking the email or sharing a picture of your dinner on social media.  

As an elder millennial, I’m focusing on showing up irl and being more selfish with my precious moments.  Posting more than being present doesn’t sit right with my spirit.  


















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