Spiritual Maintenance is the new Black!

Spiritual Maintenance is the new Black!

Feels like I’ve found a cheat code y’all…self-care Really saves lives…

well, at least mine.  

It’s an Active process.. not a “set it and forget it” type of deal…and not just the superficial shit either.  You know..nails done, hair done… everything did. 🙄

I know we’ve been conditioned to view a dazzling exterior to a quality interior, but It’s much bigger than that… hella deep.. it’s gotta be if you want to feel rooted.  

Making love to me from the inside out is a new ritual. 
It looks like honoring my truest feelings without self-judgement, feels like finding the joy of each moment, sounds like saying no to things (and people) that don’t serve me…and smells like ease.   I Love it here ☺️

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  • Jalannia

    Love ,Love your philosophy 🖤
    Illuminating 🌞

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