Sam Was Here

Baltimore Native, Shena (SAM) Smith is a published Designer, Style Professional, and Creative Director and is widely known as the daring Soul behind the Style and the Heart crafting your Healing Hardwear™️. 

Intrigued by Fashion and design at the age of 5, Sam’s creative journey begins with self-taught drawing sessions.  From her mother’s fashion magazines, Sam learned how to create body forms and reimagine the clothing which sparked a vicious vision to change the world through Fashion! 

Her flame for fashion and production grew in high school and extended to college.  These spaces allowed her more opportunities to model, design and gain insight into other areas of the industry.  


Before launching New Vintage, Sam worked in various corporate spaces- all leaving her feeling anxious and ready to escape after clocking out.  She knew it was time to create a space that felt inclusive of All of her talents - something she could build with her family and share with the men and women of Baltimore and beyond.  

With an industrious drive, Sam manages to run the entire company herself all while being a full time Mom and Wife.  Her authenticity is shared in real life moments with her family and friends on Instagram, assuring customers that not only is the Hardwear™️ true, but so is the creator.   

Sam has created thousands of pieces to date and pours her heart and soul into every single design.

She prides herself on building a culture of confident believers and creators through various mediums.  Her blog “Dressed in Motherhood” offers an honest window into motherhood, wife life and entrepreneurship.  Join her journey on Instagram at @NewVintagebySam.